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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Looking forward to Christmas

Hello. Good Evening.

Well, my last 'event' is over. Tonight was the Troop Christmas party and try-it awards. The girls were awesome. We got a little low on food but, no big. My support moms are so awesome. When I'd start to get stresses or a little anxious I just remembered the bottle of chocolate Joseph Filippi wine chilling in the fridge at home and all was well. Luckily Snot hadn't eaten all the rolls. So since I didn't fix a plate at the party I ate 2 rolls and cracked into the bottle of wine when I got home. Sorry Megs I think it is going to be gone soon. My niece and I enjoyed a glass or 2 Saturday night.

SO all I have to do now is get Snot and Wonks over pink eye and I think things will be better. We had all that urping drama over the weekend. I also found out that the husband of one of our teachers at the preschool does have Hodgkin's lymphoma. There is a spot near an artery. They travel to San Antonio tomorrow to begin treatments right away. Please pray for them.

You know life is so short and as Mandisa's song says "It's only the World". If you haven't heard this song you so need to check it out. If I was as clever as some of my friends - D' you know who you are - I'd have that video or atleast the song on my blog. Perhaps D' will help me. you can get my e-mail from Margie.

Anyway, we had our Girl Scout party tonight and it was great. I love my troop. Now cure pink eye. Go snooping in the garage and see what is still needed for Christmas morning. Do some baking. boooo hoooooo.....I cry because for the first time in 20 year, yes 20 years, I won't have a bake day with my person, JJ. Our senior year in high school we got together and made cranberry bread for our teachers. Absolutely every year since then we have had a bake day. Some years - pre-children - we had bake weekends! This year due to work schedules, sicknesses, my crazy trip to Vegas, etc... we won't be able to get together before Christmas baking. So we vow to make something together for Valentine's Day or Easter!

Ok, lost....sorry. I am at it again. But, I think that I will stop at 1/2 a juice glass of wine. It's time for me to go to bed. No stress. PLEASE! Don't stress the small stuff, the 'dumb' is so not worth it. When you begin to feel overwhelmed, stressed, worried, ......look up! "This is only the World" this is only a moment in your life. God is Good! He will get us through.

OK.....remember the Baby! The Bishop was the celebrant at Mass this past Sunday. He held a couple of babies from the parish. The message was Remember the Baby. Snot was totally convinced the baby the Bishop was holding was The Baby Jesus.
During the first reading from Isaiah, the reader says "Be Not Afraid." Snot takes in a deep breath and says "That's what the Angel said!.....Christ the Lord is Born!" WHOOP! Chalk one up for the Advent Calendar Readings and Mrs. S, at school!
Then last night he was very upset that I didn't have a present for Baby Jesus on the table with all the presents for the relatives. He went to his room, got a stuffed animal, insisted we put it in a bag with tissue. Then he said we had to take it to Baby Jesus. I asked "at church?" "No." "Do you want to put it by the nativity on the shelf?" "No.....he points at the front door.....The Baby Jesus!" He wanted to take his gift to the manger in the front yard. Last year my Daddy built me a manger. I put it under the small oak tree lite with clear lights. This year I got a star!
Well, it was too cold outside and Snot didn't want me to carry him so we decided to wait til Christmas Eve. Snot has taught me alot this Christmas. All the kids have been much more aware of the meaning of Christmas. OF course we make sure to tell Santa. Mommy, Daddy, Grandma, Aunt B....what we want for Christmas but, I am hopeful that the true meaning is sinking in too!
Have a Blessed last week of Advent.
Merry Christmas!
Kerr Herd


De'Etta said...

OK - Merry Christmas. LOL

I found "Only the World" at Youtube...Blogger won't let me paste the code here...go to search Mandisa or Only the on the video - to the right it will have an "embed" and copy that THEN go to your blogger template/ add html/java....paste the code it where you want it. This will give you the video on your blog - but it won't play all the time. If you want it to play ALL the time, I need to remember how to do that. LOL

OR Margie - if you see this send me Amy's email and I'll email it to her.

Margie said...

Just now catching up on my blog readings since Thanksgiving. Can you believe it. I sent De your email address. LOL