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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Science Fair !

Ok, I told you that last Thursday the 13th, the elementary school had a science fair. The teachers along with several community organizations, had demonstration tables set up all over school. The kids would go table to table and watch or participate in an experiment.

Here a member of the college's science club shows the kids how air freezes! She stuck the balloon in a bucket of '?????' sorry Mom I can't remember.....It's the chemical version of dry ice. I'm the creative one in the family..... no brain for the details! Anyway, It was soooo cool. The balloon would shrivel up. She'd take it out of the bucket and it would slowly go back to normal. She showed us the liquid inside and how it disappeared! We visited Diva's teacher. She had was demonstrating how mirrors change your perception of things. We walked up and she asked Wonks and Diva to pet her frog. The frog is inside the bowl. The bowl has mirrors all around. The mirrors reflect the frog on top of the bowl. So when you go to pet it ..... it isn't there! Diva walks up. Mrs. W says "Would you like to pet my frog?" Diva sticks her finger in the whole and touches the frog. (plastic ofcourse) Snot.

Aunt B was in the teachers lounge with her demonstration board, examples, stickers, coloring pages, etc....... on BEES! She is so good!

We also stopped by the table of Audrey's 2nd grade teacher from last year. She was showing the kids how iodine will show if an item has starch in it.

We had a terrific time and made me proud once again to be a part of this Elementary.

Life is good. I got my shopping finished up today. Well, I hope. I realize all I have for Tom is a DVD. So, I guess I'd better consider him a bit more. The kids should be done! Snot, who has talked about nothing but Einstein rocket and spongebob skateboard came in today and announced Santa is bringing him a robot! Seriously!!!! Luckily I weaseled my way around it. "The Elves already have your order.......blah....blah...blah....How about waiting til your birthday!" "It's my birthday!?!" "NO! not yet....let's get finished with Christmas first. Ok?" "Sure! You're the best." and away he goes. Phew escaped another one. THEN Diva comes in and since she heard me talking to Snot she wants to be sure all are reminded of her list. "Nintendo it.....laptop....WHAT!?! NO! Too expensive. Don't need one. blah...blah....talked her out of it. "E-Pet." WHAT!?! "Mom! I told the Mall Santa, the Bass Pro Santa, AND the Train Santa. They got the order in to the real guy!" So guess maybe I don't have the kids done. Off to Wal-Mart in the lone hour and a half I have left before kids have parties and start getting out of school.

Well. This morning I took boys to school and was so excited to get to Bible Study. I had a few minutes so I got the car washed. Arrived at church to see there weren't many cars. I got out anyway with my candy cane sweet roll. Door is locked. Nuts. I bet people were going to be out of town and what not so they decided to cancel. I was so very sad. I missed last week because I was in Las Vegas. The week before I had Snoot with me because he had been sick. I had stopped by to drop off some papers but didn't stay. They invited Snoot to stay but, I didn't want to risk him giving one of them his virus. They had a full house. I stayed sad all morning about missing them. When I got home later with the boys I checked the mail. I had 11 Christmas cards! 5 of them were from people in my Bible Study group. I was so excited. The next best thing to seeing you in person! A few of you check the blog. THANK YOU!

Kids need to get off to bed. They Have to watch the end of Grinch. OH! You'll like this. The twins have been watching Alabaster. The story of a little boy who befriends the angel on top of their Christmas Tree. The angel shows him what it was like the First Christmas. They sing Gloria. Snoot and Snot watch the movie all the time. Diva is sick of it. When the boys start saying the lines before the character in the cartoon she gets really stressed. Then they sang so much I caught Diva walking down the hall singing it. "Glooooria.....Gggloooria..... UGH! I can't get it out of my head!" But what a nice song to get stuck in your head. She glares at me. The really sad thing......... 4 years ago this was Diva being so excited about the Alabaster movie. I sure hope that in 4 years I don't have to gag, tie and threaten them to watch old Christmas cartoons with me!

God Bless. Catch ya' later.


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