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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Lots to type

Lots to type but, no energy. I baked all day.


Thank you! Thank you! I made 2 wreath tea rings, one candy cane and 92 kolaches. No don't count them because thanks to Snot and myself there are only about 80 that survived. One wreath goes to Hubby's office, one to the Farm for Christmas, and the candy cane is for my Bible Study Group that meets in the morning!
Wonks was home today with a really bad case of pink eye in the left eye. His long eyelashes are wonderful, except when he has Pink Eye. Hubby stayed with him at lunch while I ran up to Diva's school to see the Living Museum. The kids in several grades, not just 3rd, read a biography, dressed in costume, and became living museum attractions. Diva was Helen Keller. And thanks to the world of modern technology, and very helpful friends, I am able to bring Helen Keller to you!

Ok, well it is 10:00pm and I am bushed. I have more pics and fun stuff to post. I will have to wait though. Enjoy.
Grandma and Aunt B came by and listened to our Museum exhibits too!
As did the school's principal. Here she is listening to Helen Keller.

We have a great school, great teachers and a terrific Principal. This year we also had our first Math and Science Fair. The kids didn't have to do anything but show up. The Young Scholars Day will be in the Spring. This is the event where they kids will shine. The teachers each had a demonstration. There were also members from the Science Club at the college, the Astronomy Society, Aunt B was there talking about Bees! and we had a bio scientist from the local Ethicon Factory where they make surgical supplies. Cool huh!? I'll have to post those pictures later. Good Night and......

xoxo the Herd

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