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Monday, December 31, 2007

We have tooo much Stuff!

If my darling, love of my life, wonderful husband says these words One More Time! I am going to SCREAM!!!!!!! This comment repeated entirely way too often over the past month and a half are what drove me to my mass clean out that started Thursday. I need to take picture of all the trash and bags and boxes that go to Goodwill. Then perhaps he will be more aware of how hard we are working. It sometimes takes more than a day to go through a room. Especially when you have to stop to feed kids, clean up running over sinks, put back 1/2 the boxes you just organized because the kids have discovered 'new' toys! To their defense though they are getting better about picking up. It only takes yelling 3 times and threatening twice. I woke up sick yesterday morning with the runs. I couldn't be away from my bathroom so we missed church. Hate that. The neighbor's grand kids are visiting so they came over and played for awhile in the afternoon. I began the long dig through my crochet patterns and yarn. OH MY GOSH! I knew it was bad but, this is ridiculous. I have atleast 20 little balls of mix match yarn. I will have to force myself to take them to Goodwill. Then someone like my crochet instructor will probably buy them, take them home and crochet up a wonderful mix match afghan and sell it on e-bay for 50.00. Oh well.
I have to go now. I promised the big kids I'd take them to Enchanted and the only time is 10:05am. The twins are going with Dad to finance office. Whoop! However, I know the ladies there love them. Then it's to the grocery store, rehab with Snot and I have to start laundry sometime today. The clothes are beginning to walk out of the hamper on their own.
xoxox Amy


Mythreesons said...

Hey before throwing away any "crafty" stuff remember the teachers at St.Luke. We are always looking for things to build. I used yarn about 5 or 6 times during Christmas crafts. Also, if you go thru scrapbook stuff... they would probablly die for it.

Margie said...

I think Tom and Luis are in cohoots!!