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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year

I am getting way to frustrated with trying to add cool graphics to the blog. JJ has this neat Happy New Year one on her blog but, when I went in to add one it squished up on the side and left a huge blank at the top. So. You will have to settle for this.
Hope you had a nice New Years Eve. Diva, Wonks and I saw Enchanted yesterday morning. It was cute. Meet Daddy and twins at Mr. Gatti's. I HATE THAT PLACE! {Note to self: Never meet the husband there. You can and will be ditched when it's time to head to the game room!} He left for a haircut. Took big kids and Snoot home and left with Dad. Snot had therapy. It was a nice little break for me. Returned home to do laundry - 2:45pm. Hubby asked if I wanted to go to Home Depot to look at windows again. Well.....ok. OH wait. Returned home at 2:45 collected Snoot and took Snoot and Snot to grocery store. Returned home at 4:15 frustrated and angry at the world in general. The store was a mad house! The boys were relatively good but, once they got their cereal all they kept asking was if they could eat it. Ok, got home, unloaded and started putting away. Husband asked about Home Depot to look at windows. Yeah, sure, why not. Decided to look decent. Put on nice blouse and jacket. Got kids ready. Loaded up. Got to Home Depot at 5:20p. They closed at 5pm yesterday. Decided to check movie time for Water Horse. Bought tickets for 7:15p show. Returned home. Snot totally pissed because we left the theatre. Concept of movie doesn't start for another hour and a half totally beyond his comprehension. Washed dishes, crocheted a little, watched football. Coats on. Back to the theatre. Cute Movie. We all enjoyed it. Home. Sleepers. Bed. Happy New Year.
Today I begin 2008 doing one of most favorite chores......LAUNDRY......
Hope you have a wonderful Day and a Blessed, Safe, Healthy 2008.

GO RED RAIDERS!!!!! They play at 12:00 in the Gator Bowl!

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