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Thursday, December 13, 2007

We're Home

Let it be known the Vegas Gamblers have returned. And as most gamblers returning from Vegas. We're broke. We did a good job of not spending all the $$ we took. I learned a lesson on Let it Ride. When playing $0.25 machine Black Jack and you win a hand. If you hit let it ride then the $0.50 rides. If that hand wins then $1.00 rides, etc..... WATCH OUT! Pay Attention! Don't learn this rule after you hit let it ride and go from $36.00 to $10.00. I did ok. The best part of my trip was seeing the Venetian Hotel. WOW! And I saw the Cirque a Solei show Mysteri . I think I spelled all that correctly. Anyway, it was pretty neat. I don't have pics of the show but, I do have pics of other things. I'll try to get them posted soon. We got home in time for me to take Diva and Wonks to the school for the First Annual Math and Science Fair. Great Fun!
Well, I have a pile of papers I'd better sift through. Catch ya' later.

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