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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

What's Honking!?! Pull the Handle...... Off to Vegas, Baby!

Bad night sleep. Night before last Snoot wasn't doing well. We had been to the doctor that morning and didn't find anything. That night he woke up alot, fever, crying, yuck. On top of that the cat came to our bed and FARTS! It was awful! Especially since at first I didn't realize it was a fart. I thought she had pooped in my room. I was lived. I had already been awake for an hour with Snoot. Kicked the cat out, sprayed room freshener, went back to bed. Snoot stayed home yesterday and I took him to the doctor. STREP THROAT! Yeah......not..

Started doctoring him and wondering if I would have to bow out of the trip to Vegas this week. Last night he was doing better again, took a long name at 4pm. Up some during night but, no fever. He woke about 1:30a couldn't sleep. Got him some juice and settled him down with a movie. Went to bed. 2:30a Hubby wakes me - What's that honking?. "WHAT?" "The honking. Where's it coming from?" "I don't know!" Honk..Honk.... sounds like a real car horn. Lay there waiting....wait....wait....wait.....drift to sleep a little...HONK HONK......UGH! Get up, sit in living room to see where it might be coming from. Hubby in bedroom. "Did you hear it?" "No." Go to boys room. wait.....wait......wait......Honk Honk......It's under the bed! 3:15am this morning...Where were you? I was under my sons' full size bed. Allllll the way under..... I pulled out trucks, tractors, jeeps, cars, candy wrappers, shoes, legos, you name it. Found the source of the honking? No, duh, this is a report of a Herd happening, of course we didn't find it. However, all the shuffling I did under the bed must have worked. The honking stopped and we finally got back to sleep. Hubby fell to sleep quickly. Me, not so much. This morning Snoot is bouncing off the walls trying to give me lessons on circles, squares, and numbers. Called Grandma and we're good to go.

Still in sleepers. Take Snot to school all decked out in his new Mickey Mouse sweater, very proud. Get to school in Hubby's car. Toss key into pocket, because that's what I do. Get out. Can't open back door. Can't open my door. Oops......Snot can't open back door. "Pull." Ok...maybe the child locks are on. "Go to the front seat. Good boy. Pull the handle.....Up here..." Yeah! You did it! AND you didn't panic. Off to class. Now time to get gas. Still in sleepers....flannel black and red plaid pants and fleece gray pullover. Don't look toooo bad. Oh, no. Lady at pump next to me is one of Daddy's cousins. Whew didn't recognize me.

Ok. Well I think I have my Blog fix for a few days. I'll attempt to keep notes and report back on the trip. Please keep my mom and kids in your prayers. They should stay healthy and have been threatened repeatedly to treat Grandma nice. But, then again, we're talking about the Herd. "Mary Take Over!"

Have a Great Day. xoxox Amy

Oh, have to share this picture of Snoot and his box. Their Aunt Maggie brings them Christmas ornaments every year. This year she delivered them in this nice red box. Snoot attached himself to the box and has carried it everywhere! Doctor's offices, school, running after friends in the front yard, bed......everywhere.

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