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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Doing Good!

I have returned from my meeting, fixed supper for the family, broke up fights, cleaned up spilt milk (a fullllll glass.), listened to kid's days, cleaned up applesauce, broke up fights, yelled at kids, hugged kids, begged kids to try green beans,............. And didn't let any of it spoil my meeting. I lost another 3.2 lbs!!! Making my total loss in 2 weeks - 10 pounds! I think I am going to change my rodeo goal weight to my 10% goal in WW. Once I reach my 10% weight then they help me figure a 'plan' 'goal' something. I just know that 10% is something I want. I will get a cool little key chain thing. Anybody want to join me? I am paying about $40.00 a month. I can use allll the on line etools which are terrific, and I can go to as many meetings as I'd like. I am attending the Thursday night 5:45p meeting. Not sure when the other meetings are..... Monday evening and Tuesday morning, I think?.?
Mission now is to get off my hinny. I need to start exercising more/any. Drinking Water is another of my problems. When pregnant I was always very good about drinking water. I realllllyyyyyy like my coffee and I adore my Diet DP. I could stop buying Diet DP but, that's just cruel.
I'm off to bath boys and tuck them all in bed. I love this cold wonderful weather but, I sure hope it doesn't delay school tomorrow. I have things I have to do. And Tom is to go to school with the twins in the morning for Dads and Doughnuts.
Girl Scout cookies. I am your connection! You can also see us this weekend 12n-2p at Blockbuster! Stop by, say hi, buy a box or two or three................

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Mythreesons said...

Oh yeah I forgot to tell you! When you hit 10 lbs you are suppose to go out and buy you something! I did that every time I lost 10 lbs. I new shirt, new pants, a new necklace just something to say I DONE GOOD!!!!! Mostly, I bought clothes. That's your reward to yourself! Just NO Food! It's not a reward!!!!! Hee Hee