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Friday, January 25, 2008

See Number 3 White......See Number 3 Red.........See Number 3 Red NEVER get the ball!

Thank You Daddy! Sunday afternoon we purchased a basketball goal. No run of the mill Pansie goal for us. We got a Real Goal. Then the weather got bitterly cold and wet. So this next week the kids plan to play alot. Daddy spent all day Monday, on his day off, in the cold wind, putting it together. We Love You Daddy!
Dads and Doughnuts! The preschool has a great event for Dads. They bring the kids to school and enjoy doughnuts. The boys loved it. I went along for moral support and take pictures. Snoot didn't eat all of his doughnut. It was killing me! I had cut it up in bite size pieces. JJ was strong she didn't eat any. I had 2 small piece.

Well hubby is back. He took Snoot to the doctor with a sore throat. Probably viral and giving it to everybody. We are a loving family. We like to share. xoxoxox Amy

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Mythreesons said...

Yes my will power is astounding!!!! It lasted 45 WHOLE minutes until we had 5 boxes of doughnuts left over and I ate one and savored every bite!!!!! Some things are meant to be enjoyed! Hee Hee! I had soup and chedder twists for lunch so that made up for it. That was only 3 points. BE BAD BE GOOD! That's what all the skinny minis do!