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Friday, January 18, 2008

Word from the Herd e-mail

The three day weekend is about to start. No school or work for Tom on Monday, MLK day.
I am going to spend most of tomorrow afternoon with a photographer while he takes photos at a wedding. I totally blew it on keeping up with where and what I’m to do. Yesterday while learning about the camera, bags, light dohicky thing, light stands, etc…… I forgot to ask about the rehearsal dinner. He had mentioned it earlier in the week. He calls today and asked if I was going. “Are you taking pictures at it?” Well duh! Why would he go to the dinner if he wasn’t taking pictures?
I had just helped Tom take some food to the office for their in office staff meeting and lunch today. I got the call from Gregg. Picked up boys about 15 minutes early. Got home, was enjoying the fact that I had the rest of the afternoon at home and could get some things done. Then perhaps Tom would like to go to dinner at 530p with the family. After we eat I’ll go to the rehearsal dinner at 7p and get to know some of the people before tomorrow.
Tom will have the kids all afternoon tomorrow but, that shouldn’t be too bad. Then we’ll have Sunday and Monday with nothing on the calendar. That should work.
What tha’ ?
I am in the laundry room. GO into living room.
“What was that noise?”
Joseph – “James did it.”

Do you know what this is a picture of?
This is a little boy who is trying to look innocent.
Do you know what is behind him? A Window
The wall of the living room looking out into the backyard is all these windows. They are old! They are leaky! They are neat but, not efficient. We have recently been considering replacing them.
The boys know how to twist the knobs to open them.
Can you climb these steps of glass? Apparently not.
The boys will be 5 next month. These windows have been in the house since we bought it in July 1996. We have had kids in the house for 8 ½ years. This day was coming. I’m shocked that it took this long. I really thought that we’d replace them before the kids got a chance to break them.
That’s what I get for thinking.
Did they pick a warm 70 degree day that we’ve been having? Duh, no. Yesterday’s high was in the low 30’s. Today’s is mid 40’s or so. The temps are to stay low for several more days. As if the heater doesn’t run nearly nonstop as it is.

So! Do I mention the rehearsal dinner or the broken window first?
So much for a quiet, calm, get things done afternoon. AND putting plastic on the outside of the window is probably not going to work. Remember Buddy and Biscuit? So, I’ll try to come up with something.
Have a great weekend!

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De'Etta said...

This is a hilarious photo of James!