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Thursday, January 17, 2008

I'm a Loser! Raiders are Winners!

YEAH!!! I attended my second WW meeting this evening. I lost 6lbs and 4 oz in one week. How'd I do it? I stopped snacking, eating off kid's plates and I wore blue jeans for the first weigh in and jogging pants tonight! But, my jeans aren't that heavy so I'm sure I did loose at least 5 to 5 1/2 lbs. I'll wear the jogging pants every time now.
I stayed on track all week with the dinner menus. Yeah for me!
I spent the day at home yesterday. I felt miserable. Tom and I watched the Tech vs A&M men's basketball game last night. Raiders won 68-53! This was the 900th win for our coach Bob Knight! Meg/Jerad, were either of you at the game?
Nette, do you know?

Diva tried to stay home from school this morning. No fever, no symptoms. When I finally had enough of the pathetic looks and whinning, I told her to go back to bed. I reminded her though that also meant no skippers, and no ballet. Suddenly she was better.
The boys, and Diva too for the most part, didn't want anything to do with my meatloaf tonight. Tough nugs. They went to bed having only had a roll and a glass of milk. You Have Entered Herd Detention Camp! Eat what the slop kitchen serves or STARVE. I am dieting....the troops must suffer with their leader! (oh, wait. WW isn't dieting it is learning a new way to eat the things I like. That's what Fergie said this morning on Fox and Friends.)

This morning I met with my photographer friend, Gregg. I am helping him at a wedding Saturday. I am learning some really cool stuff. Getting the technical mumbo jumbo down may be the trick. I think the little instrument I am suppose to carry around is a light meter. I prefer the title Light Dohicky. And box flippy thingy........not real sure what it's real name is. I think I can handle it all though. I have a basic, first two chapters of Photography for Dummies, knowledge. When I told Diva about it she asked if I'd be taking pictures. "No, I'm responsible for the camera bag, flashes, checking the shots, holding this light dohicky." She begins laughing and says..........are you ready for this........ "You're the photography maid!"
Little snot. Ofcourse she was happy I had basketball 'maid' knowledge this morning. She said her finger hurt. She has her first basketball jammed finger.
This afternoon when Snoots nose exploded and he was bleeding all over his shirt, pants, and new video game of his brothers, he was thankful I was once a basketball 'maid'. I was able to help him stop his bleeding nose. It was a bit scarry to start with. I was on the phone with my BFF (I have recently learned this is text for Best Friend Forever) JJ. Snoot starts squawking, Snot is still asking for cookies. "Gotta go. Snoot's nose just exploded. Oh My! Bye, see you tonight."

It's 10:15p and here I sit, again. I think I'd better get to bed. Take care and thanks for checking in.

xoxo Amy


Mythreesons said...

I LOVED seeing the scale move!!!! My new motivation for WW is that I want to move my little scale on my Blog!!! Hee Hee We are good...oh yeah...oh yeah.....! Now....on-ward and downward!!!!! Rodeo and running like a cow is a coming!!!!!

De'Etta said...

Way to go on the weight loss - I don't think you need to loose that much - but hey - I've not checked carefully. ::snort:: What a great start!