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Friday, February 29, 2008

Beeee-aaa-U-tif-Ul DAY!

Yesterday was a wonderful day!
Boys went to school. I had Bible Study which I missed terribly last week . My friend Celeste was back. She has been sick. I received the e-mail that Baby Reagan as been released from the hospital. I spent another couple of hours with Gregg looking at websites and talking shop. We are currently looking for a 'location'. If you know of a building/possible house, for sale/rent/lease that you think might work well for us please let me know.
THEN!!!!!! This is great!
This happened to my house!

Now Why? would I be excited about this? Hmmmmmmm.......let's see......This is the back wall of the house. It is the wall in the living room that looks on the back yard I have learned to kids have broken........OH! I get it! THE WINDOW GUY CAME YESTERDAY!!!!!!!!!!!

We were discussing what Tom and I want. I like the 'hopper' windows at the top. Didn't think we could do it because of break in eye sight. We weren't sure how high we could go above the window. He said we'd have to wait til the panelling came off.

"What do you need to do that?"

"You want to do that now?"

"Take a look around. Do you really think it's that big a deal?"

"Tom get the crow bar!"

It turns out we can't go more than 3-4 inches. WHich would put a line through our eye sight. James the window guy took measurements, our hour and a half of discussion ideas and will call today with an estimate. We will meet again next Wednesday to discuss more. YIPPIIEE!! Happy Day! Happy Day!

While busy with the window guy the kids were very nice to play outside.

Spring is here! Well, in our book it is. Know how I know? The mud monsters return every year to make mud puddles around the dog water and pretend to be dogs. Yes, they were drinking out of the dog bowls. I"m telling you their Guardian Angels and Immune Systems work over time.

Love ya!

Check back later for pics and hopefully video of the St. Luke Jr. RODEO! Guaranteed to be a Root Tootin' Good Time!

xoxoxo Amy

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