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Thursday, February 28, 2008

How are you!?

My Mom sent an e-mail yesterday checking in on us. I have like no time to be sitting at the computer right now but, have this horable addiction, you know. So, I have taken my response to her e-mail and pasted here.
Life is good. I am off to Bible Study this morning then to Gregg's to look at photographer websites and learn a little bit more on lighting etc........
James and Joseph have the Rodeo at their school tomorrow, 10:00am. They are barrel racing. Should be fun!
Ok. Gotta go.
OH! Best news of all. Reagan left the hospital yesterday!

E-mail to Mom yesterday, Wednesday:
We are hunky Dorky!
All kids were clear for take off this morning and went to school. When William saw his homework last night he was most anxious to get back to school. See they started the letter W this week.
I dropped twins at school. Then ran errands to the bank, vehicle registration and Wal-Mart. I am currently sitting here in a size 8 pair of jeans and most happy about it!
I dropped off cold stuff then met Stefanie for lunch and finished up cookie info. We then went on a cookie hunt to see if we could track down some still outstanding cookies.
We have several Yes RSVPs for the party. Audrey will have a 12n and 2p game at YMCA on Saturday. Tom is happy. He thinks he won’t have to go to the party at all. A room full of inflatables and 20 5year olds....... But, I know Audrey wants to go for a little while. So they will probably leave about 11:20.
I got the boys new tenni shoes and they are excited running and jumping around the house making them flash.
So, the weather is good, the kids are well and I am wearing size 8 jeans. Doesn’t get much better than that!
Thanks for checking in.
Xoxoxox Amy

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