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Monday, February 25, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Today is Snoot and Snots 5th Birthday. It is also their Grandpa's 67th birthday. Yep, the twins were born on my Dad's birthday. How cool is that. The twins were born right around 9pm that night, by c-section. Mom and Dad stayed around to come see me in recovery. I was able to hold their hands and as Daddy was going out of the curtain I called out "Happy Birthday". The look on his face is one of those pictures I will always carry in my heart. I don't think the man could have grinned any harder.
Snoot is named after my Daddy and Tom's Daddy. Snoot is named after my MOm's Dad and Tom's Dad's dad for the first name and his middle name is My dad's dad. Cool huh? We didn't really plan it that way it just came together and we like the names. Wonks is named after Tom's mother's dad and Tom.

Hey! We're on the radio! Grandma called and had the radio station say Happy Birthday to Grandpa, Snoot and Snot!

Ok. Well we got the party rescheduled for this Saturday the 1st for 10:30a. Saturday was spent at home alllllllll day. The boys stayed fever free all weekend. Sunday afternoon was so very nice we decided to run out to the fairgrounds and look around. They had fun getting out for awhile. Diva entered two pictures in the Creative Arts portion of the Stock Show. She received an Honorable Mention on her pumpkin picture. She also has a picture of Monarch butterflies.

I won a second place ribbon on my picture of Snot with the Christmas Lights around him.

I have the boys home today just to make sure they are better and give them a day of rest.

Do I look Sick!?!

This kid is so going to school tomorrow. It is a life or death situation........HIS!

This kid will probably stay home another day..... He was a couple of days behind Snot on getting sick.

What is important about this picture? It isn't what's in the picture it's what Isn't in the picture....... GIRL SCOUT COOKIES!!!!!! We filled up a cargo van this morning and Stefanie took them away.......

Yes, I know my walls still look terrible. But, I'm holding out for those new windows!

Have a great Monday! xoxox Amy

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