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Saturday, February 23, 2008

I Love this song!

Sorry, but you might have to hear this one for awhile. The choir at Sacred Heart sang it last year during the recession of Easter Sunday Mass. I was walking out of church with tears streaming down my cheek. Tom was confused. But, it was very emotional. The early mass at Holy Angels was cancelled due to ice so we went to Sacred Heart. We sat in the area where my Granny use to sit. So then hearing that song boom I was a goner.
Well so far everyone is staying healthy enough. Snot and Wonks can't go back to school til they have been checked again on Tuesday afternoon. We are home bound for the day. Which isn't too bad because I am on cookie watch. I had a mom bring me $$ and cookies last night. Then she took Diva home with her. Woo Hoo. I expect her home with in the next hour or so. She has a game at 2pm that Tom will take her to. I am staying home in the sickward and near the phone and door. I have 3 parents bringing me $$ and cookies today.
My little shinning light is tomorrow at 4:30. I will meet Gregg and help with bridal portraits/engagement pictures for the couple getting married in March. I am truly loving learning more about the camera. Digital can be so much fun to play with. I spent two hours on the computer the other night mess with some pictures of the boys. I have the Adobe Photoshop program 3.0. It is a pretty old version but fun.
I am trying to catch up some on house cleaning too.
We are having positively beautiful weather right now. It is nice.
Reagan's family will all be in Houston this weekend and we are hoping she will be released on Monday. I am getting birthday plans underway for Taylor, Reagan's big sister.
Taylor's birthday is March 31st. I will get intouch with Aunt Mitzi this next week and we'll work together to plan this surprise party. I have already had a few people offer to help with the expense. I love my community.
Enjoy your weekend.
xoxo Amy

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