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Thursday, February 7, 2008

The moment you've been waiting for!!!!!!

Anticipation is so much fun!
I hadn't posted a picture of my hair because I wanted Tom and JJ to see it 'live!' first.
They liked it. Well, I think JJ liked it. I hid it under a cap when I walked into WW and in the waiting room full of people waiting to weigh in I made her guess what I did. Then I revealed and had to get comments from all those there.
Snoot and Snot think it looks beautiful! Diva said it makes me look younger and now I'm ready for cooler clothes, like hers. Wonks(?) Well, I don't know what he thinks. I don't think he commented.
I truly had a wonderful day! Great Bible Study morning, two and a half hours at the Salon with my friend Judy. We got to catch up on each others lives, laugh, share stories etc...... I wish I had enough $$ to go in every month. I have a new hair style that I love. Some places are a bit blonder than others but, I think it's ok. It's a fun getting ready for Spring look. I have a feeling that as it grows out the blonde will be replaced with white. I've decided that I'm not going to go grey. Instead I'll say "I'm going White." Grey is dreary. White is clean, bright, cheary!
I picked up kids, did some more laundry, Diva to Ballet. Then picked her up and off to weightwatchers! Where.....if you haven't noticed.......I have lost another 4lbs! YAHOO! JJ and I have decided that perhaps the metabolism of my youth is still in here somewhere and just needed a good kick start. I sure hope so. Still need to get exercising. Any suggestions on a good kick start? I think I need a bike. But.....Will purchasing a bike motivate me to exercise? Will seeing a $100 bike sitting in the carport guilt me into riding? .....................
Diva started complaining of a stomach ache just as the WW meeting was over. She came home, took a bath and ate some supper. She is better now. I was suppose to attend a Girl Scout Service Unit meeting tonight at 7pm. AND, my Bible Study Leader, Ann, asked me to attend the BibleFest meeting this evening, at 7pm. With supper, no spelling words studied, tummy ache, baths, etc.......I ended up missing both meetings. I do think I will help with BibleFest. I plan to attend every night. A&W will go to Bible School, they love it. So I might as well volunteer to help out. That and the fact I don't think it's possible to tell Ann no. She's not pushy, loud, dominating.. She's just wonderful Ann and if she needs help them I want to be one of the ones to show up and help. Freddy, did you go? If so, please e-mail me some highlights of the meeting.
Well it's late again. I know I had some other thoughts I wanted to share but, like my thoughts do, they flew out my ear.
Take care! xoxo Amy
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