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Friday, February 8, 2008

To Work....To Work....It's Off to Work we go!

Today the twins had the thrill of going to work with Dad. They have been bugging him all week.

"I go to work with you.?."
"Hey boys. How about you come to work with me in the morning?"
So off they went at 7:50am this morning. Mom showed up at 8:30 to take them to school. Not so happy campers. Dad wasn't in the office when Mom showed up. Then he received a phone call that required closed doors......hummmmm....... So off to school we went.
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Yesterday Diva brings home a plant. Not any ordinary bean, sunflower, marigold. Nope. She brings home a baby plant of a Giant Cabbage. Giant? How big is Giant, you ask? 40-50lbs! We are to plant this cabbage and watch it for 10 weeks. There is a contest that Bonnie's Plants does. A $1,000 scholarship is giving to one kid in every state. Diva, not fully understanding the definition of scholarships, wants to know what kind of job a $1,000 scholarship can get her. Frycook at the Krusty Krab! (That's SpongeBob for those of you out of the loop.)
Think we can keep it alive for 10 weeks and get atleast a 20lb cabbage?!?

After school today we visited the Chamber of Commerce, my old stomping grounds, to sell cookies. We didn't do too bad considering several potential buyers wereout of the office. We sold 7 boxes. Then we went outside and climbed around the riverwalk. It was nice. The kids love to run around on the paths. I decided to get up and move instead of just watching. That can be a good work out. There are little water crossings, waterfalls, steps.........Perhaps taking the kids to the river a few times a week could be a good exercise for me. hum......
Life is still treating me well. I have had a very happy week!

xoxo Amy


Mythreesons said...

Jared is doing better. We got him some antibotics at the clinic today. Couldn't get him in to see Dr. Wehner but the clinic was easy to get into. I love the fact Daddy took the boys to work. That is so funny! My boys love to go to work with Brian too. They usually raid the refrigerator and watch the video cameras. I love the cabbage idea too. That sounds like such a fun project. Have her put it on a power point slideshow for extra credit!!!!! She would love taking the pictures. Don't plant it where the dog can eat it though! Talk about gassy dogs! Hee Hee

De'Etta said...

Be sure to show us the progress of the cabbage. We DID grow huge cabbages in AK - that's about all that would grown. LOL

Amy said...

that's too funny. When I told my mom about this project she said "too bad you don't live in Anchorage with Aunt Jody!"