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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Pics of Dogs

Hi! This is mostly for my new friend Michelle. I met her through my friend De'Etta's website. De'Etta has had an interesting discussion going on about Lent and what everybody does. Michelle posted information about her Lenten wreath so I went to her Blog to check it out. She is a wounderful lady. They are a Catholic family with 7 kids, 3 of their own and 4 adopted. They live in Pennsylvania and get SNOW! She had pictures of her yellow lab running through the snow so I commented that I would get pics of me with my dogs and post them. I didn't realize Michelle that you have a chocolate lab too! I read that in your comment back to your friends. Now, if you say you are a big fan of Texas Tech well then you must be one of my long lost soul sisters!

Here's me and my puppies. Pictures taken by junior photographer: Diva Herd.

My Buddy!

Biscuit....Pay attention.!!!

Here we go. Take the picture! I messed with the pictures some in PhotoShop. Not sure why we turned out so blurry in this last one. Oh well. I think you get the general idea of me and my dogs. We decided to stop having human babies so I substituted. We got Buddy on Dec. 26, 2004. I had successfully said NO everytime little Audrey asked for a puppy but, a chocolate lab is my weakness. Labs, Mastifs, and St. Bernards are my dogs! You know, the little bitty dogs. Then last year on March 3rd, two days before my birthday, we saw these people selling yellow labs. Welllllllllll Buddy needs a friend! So Biscuit was my birthday present. Tom never lets me forget. See he loves the puppies it's the giant fence jumping pooping machines that he doesn't care for.

Check out my new picture on my profile. What do you think?

Well I'm off to bed. Tomorrow evening is another Weigh Day! PLEASE PLEASE St. Anthony this time I WANT to loose something. I"m always asking for help finding things, this time I need to loose atleast a pound and a half. I WANT THAT KEYCHAIN!

Love to all! Happy Valentine's Day! xoxoxo Amy


Mythreesons said...

Still love the hair!!!! You can really see the difference in the lighting outside with the dogs. My little Peanut is curled up in her bed snoring right now in the kitchen. Be your doggie can't sleep in the kitchen on a beach towel. Hee Hee Love the new main pic. Did the owner of the camera monkey take it?

De'Etta said...

Wow - those are beautiful dogs you have. Have you made a wreath yet? I haven't but I'm planning to. LOL

Michelle said...

Yours dogs are beautiful! Thanks for posting the pictures of them. I'll be sure to show my kids too.

Love your photo! Congratulations on the weight loss! WTG!

Margie said...

You might want to reread this one and edit a name...