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Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Heart Day!

I will never look at Valentine's Day the same again. Last night at 11:30pm Reagan's family received word that a heart is available. She goes into surgery at 8:00am.
Yesterday was a good day. I lost another 2.6lbs. There was a q-tip on the floor under my bathroom scale! It must have been just big enough to throw the scale off. I weighed before I left for the meeting. It said I had lost maybe a few oz. I was depressed. When JJ called to tell me she and Judy wouldn't be staying for the meeting I was kind of glad. I didn't want her to know my loosing streak had hit a wall. Then I jumped up and down like a goon when they told me I had lost 2.6. I GOT MY KEY RING!!!!!!!!!!! Susan, the leader, probably thinks I've been taking uppers or something. When I told the group it was my 6th meeting and I had lost a total of 18.8lbs I was sure glad that looks can't kill. They were thrilled but, wanted to know HOW?! I told them that I do the plan, drink my water, started walking my dog and have 4 kids! That after having 4 kids in 31/2 years my metabolism tanked. When I started loosing weight I think it has come back. After the 4kids in 31/2 years remark I think they all agreed they'd keep their progress as opposed to takng my kids. Anyway, if you knew me in my Travel Agent days and remember how they wouldn't let me have M&M's and Soda at the same time because of the effects you'll know how I was last night. I was flying on an M&M cloud! And I didn't have to eat the M&M's to get there!
Well, we're off to school!
xoxoxox Amy

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