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Saturday, February 2, 2008


Thank you to everybody who has taken time to leave me a hair comment. You are so sweet. Still not sure exactly what I will do. I do like it the way it is now when I have time to fix it. It looked pretty good this morning.
Yesterday evening 4p-6p I had eight girls and three moms(4 counting me) at North Wal-Mart selling cookies. We sold 200 boxes! Then today I had six girls and three extra moms at Blockbuster selling. We sold 80 boxes.
We have had a couple of basketball team girls up and down with flu. This has hit other teams as well. THis morning they asked the Mavericks to play back to back games to fill in for another team. They did and were awesome. Tom and I didn't get to see the second game at all and only half of the first game. At 10:00am this morning I attended the funeral for Bob Diebitsch. A wonderful dear man who has been taken from us too soon. He was 71 years old but, that is still too young in my book. I worked with Bob at the Chamber of Commerce. He taught school in San Angelo and was a director of the Swim and Raquet Club for many years before joining the Chamber in 1979. He will be missed my many many people. If you knew Bob you were Blessed.
This evening I broke down and asked for Mexican food. My little family went out to eat. I had sour cream chicken enchiladas, hot sauce, chips, rice and beans. I tried to take it easy on all the extras but, ate all but about 3 bites of the enchiladas. Stupid, I know. Trust me I know. My body was doing real well with my new eating habits. I feel MISERABLE right now. And I only have about 11 of my extra points left. This splurging wasn't as fun as the Red Lobster splurging.
One thing is for sure though. I don't think I'll have another mexican food craving for awhile.
Well there are little boys run amuck around here. I better round them up and send them to bed. I think I left one in the tub about 15 minutes ago. Guess I"ll check on him. It was Wonks so he usually gets out himself. Diva is suppose to get in next. I'll wager she is still layed out on the twins' bed watching TV. By now she's probably still asleep.
Hey! One more little story. This talking about Diva being asleep triggered it.
Last night about 9:15p we had the front door open because Diva's friend had just dropped her off. I didn't see Raider go out the door so pretty much figured he didn't. But, 20 minutes later Diva is needing to get to bed. She takes Raider to bed with her. She can't find the cat. WE look all over. I look outside. Call him and call him. Spike and Cleo are out there and so is a stray. I start to wonder if they scared Raider and he's hiding. "He'll come out. I'll check later." We look around the house some more. I convince Diva I"ll keep looking and she goes to bed.
I never find the cat. In or outside. And I looked everywhere. I go to bed worried about the cat and even more worried about Diva's reaction in the morning.
I wake up at 4am. Snoot woke me I think. Anyway, while up I look for the cat. Nowhere, in or out. 6:45am I get up start my coffee, take a shower. After the shower I notice Diva is on the computer and I go to tell her to eat and start getting ready for basketball. She has Raider in her lap! "Where did you find him?" "Huh?" "The cat! Where did you find him? Was he outside?" "No. When I got up I came in here. Then went to the dining room and he was coming down the hall."
I have no idea where that cat was but, I do know that I prayed til I fell asleep and again at 4am for St. Anthony and St. Francis to please find that cat. Believe what you want. But, these two guys have gotten me out of more than one jam.
Take care and have a Blessed Sunday.
xoxo Amy

ps just so you know. I have been running spell check but, for some reason it is goofed up. I know I miss spelled chronicles and probably a few others. I may still not have it right. But, I've tried to check it.

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