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Monday, February 11, 2008


This score is for me. This morning, even after my whole gained a pound weekend, a mom at St. Luke's asked if I've lost weight. YEAH! Ofcourse she is a mother in JJ's room. We were in JJ's room when she asked. In front of JJ. The same JJ who claims to have an Amy voodoo doll she's been rubbing down with thin mint cookies. So I figure tonight the Amy VooDoo doll has gone head first into a bucket of icecream.
I can't seem to stay away from the scale. I have to know!!!!! So this evening before I put on my lounge about clothes I stepped on. I was in my skivies and weighed in 5oz less than Thursday's WW meeting weigh in. Yes! So, if need be I will show up in a bikini for weigh in Thursday night! I MUST HAVE THAT KEYCHAIN!!!!!!!!! It is the 'gift' you get when you loose 10% of your check in weight.
I'm going to try and hit a few resale shops next week and get some 'new' pants. I don't want to get new new clothes yet. But, I seriously am going to need some pants!
xoxo Amy

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De'Etta said...

You are doing GREAT Amy! I'm impressed.