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Saturday, February 9, 2008


Last night Wonks and Snoot didn't sleep well. I believe they were having a lot of drainage that was causing their throats to hurt. Once they got some ibuprofen they were better. I was up alot and always have a hard time getting back to sleep when I am woke up by crying. They did let me sleep in. They tried getting me up around 6:30a but, I refused. They entertained themselves (they being Diva and Snoot) for awhile. Cartoons, cereal, playing. Not sure when the other two woke up. But, I was awakened at 8:30 by a lovely drum serenade.
We were fairly lazy this morning. Computer games, trampoline, laundry, etc...... At 1:00 we were due at the basketball court.
Game Highlights by Diva Herd........
Hi the team we played had three of my friends on it. The coaches were yelling at us at the begining then we got our act together and started to have some gret plays. One of my teammates passed the ball to me. Then a girl fell and her shoe came off and everone stoped then I scored a basket. Then I hered every one scream. Love Diva-Maverick #3.
It was very exciting. The game had about 30 seconds or so left. And ofcourse I was camera and video camera poor. Diva's friend Jill, since they were 3yrs old, is on Diva's team. I was sitting by Jill's mom. She was so excited. We both got very emotional. Diva scored and we both jumped up. So did every other mom in the stands. Jill made her first basket last week and we both missed it. Kym was in Austin with her husband. He had to have a surgery to sort of reset his heart. Tom and I left after only 2 quarters (they play 8-3minute quarters) to attend Bob's funeral and missed Jill's first basket too. Kym's husband is doing great now. He was at the game and had all kinds of wonderful hospital tales to tell.
OH MY GOSH! It just dawned on me. The joke with Jody, Kym's husband, is that if it happens to Jody it happens big and the doctors are never quite sure what 'it' is. Jody is short for JOSEPH! The joke in my family is 'If it's going to happen 9 out of 10 times it happens to JOSEPH! We're doomed!
Well, after all the excitement of the game we came home, ate a bite, and Diva and I took off for a cookie booth sale. I'm not sure we did real great today. But, two of my girls, sisters, that I haven't seen much of lately were able to work the booth. I was glad to see them and catch up on their family happenings. Between one Dad being diagnosised with Lukemia on Christmas Day and the family has been in Houston since then, Jody's little heart issues (Jill is in my troop too), and the sisters new dad also has some heart problems, my girls have been a bit distracted from cookie sales. So all things considering we are doing great!
When we returned home from cookie sales allllllll the boys of the house were asleep in the living room. The three little boys stayed asleep for way too long. This is like 630pm. So they will be bouncing around for awhile. I think we'll get started on Valentine cards for school.
Tom and I went outside to pick up basketballs that were littered around the yard and bring in cookies. We got to shooting hoops. Wow! I think I have possibly found a fun exercise to enjoy with my husband. We shot baskets for only about 15 minutes. I was winded. Now I know I'm not in great shape but when I came in I was pathetic. I felt like SpongeBob in the show where he meets Sandy the Squirrel. He goes into her water free dome home at the bottom of the ocean. He is a sponge and needs water right. No water. Only Air. I start breathing heavy and quoting SpongeBob "Air is not Good, Patrick. Air is Not Good." Tom rolls his eyes, gets a bottle of water and disappears down the hall. Tsk...Tsk....Tsk....... And to top it off I have been good the last two days. I stepped on the scale tonight and it showed 2lbs HEAVIER than Thursday's weigh in! I think JJ must have put a hex on me. If she didn't then I know her mother-in-law did. Judy has been giving me the evil eye everytime I win a 5lb star.
Just Joshin'. They are great. Shucks if it wasn't for JJ I wouldn't have started this whole WW thing. She is doing well and happy with her results. She is on track with what she has done in the past.
Well have a Blessed Sunday/Weekend.
xoxo Amy & the Herd

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