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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Buddy Battle

Ok, the Buddy Battles continue. The little demon has been going over the fence at a record pace. It use to be that he would only come over the side gate when he heard the kids in the front yard. So we would take him with us or teather him in the back. Then he started going over the back by the flower bed. So I put my panels up to block off the garden and hopefully get things to grow again. So, he started using the panels to propel himself over. But, this time he just ended up in Mr. Don's yard. THEN.....he started going over by the back gate. So, I got my chicken wire out and started stapling it up in the areas where he was going over. Waste of time. He just plowed right over the area by the gate. I think that I had a bit of a gap between my two pieces. Well, now I just keep him teathered most of the time til I get some barb wire. Yes, I am resorting to barb wire. Those invisible fences can be expensive and he already wears a barking collar so much he gets soars. I love that dumb dog and so do the kids. Tom would haul him to the human society today if I'd let him. I threaten but, never follow through. He makes me sooooo mad sometimes. But, that is life with a Chocolate lab.
OK, I am not heartless. Night before last I moved his teather so he would be closer to their little covered sleep area incase it rained. This is what I found the next morning.

Can you see the silver post at the bottom? The red teather line going straight to the fence?

This is what was on the other side of the fence. Bless his heart he probably had to stand there all night. I'm sure glad I didn't find a dead dog on the other side.
Well, last night it was very stormy and very wet. He was able to pull the teather poll out of the ground. Then apparently drag it all over the yard til it was tangled with this trike. Can a dog look more pathetic?

Well, today is egg coloring day. OFcourse we pick the wettest coldest day of spring break. So, for the first time we will be coloring in the kitchen. We always go outside so we don't worry about the mess. The boys are busting at the seams so I better kick it into over drive. First, I'll go take care of the biggest baby, Buddy.

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Michelle said...

Ohhhh, poor Buddy!