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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Two Days Down.

We are already at Wednesday of Spring Break. Hard to believe. We spent Monday morning outside. I raked what I could in the wind. We carried off 5 huge bags of leaves and acorns and you can't even tell. Diva and Wonks helped me move the small trailer to the side of the house. Well, almost all the way to the side. We kind of stalled. So now the little trailer sits mid yard. I think before goes much farther we'll need to unload a little of it. We are going to put it on the left side of the house. Then when we plant our little garden hopefully it won't stick out that much.

We had a ton of rain yesterday, which was really nice. The ground is soaked. I'm hoping tomorrow morning I can get back in the hard and rake some more and pull up what's left of the big bush beside the house I hacked down last spring.

Yesterday my mother, sister and nephew came over to dye eggs. The kids had a great time. We have always had this project outside. This week ofcourse we pick the yuckiest day. So we tried dying inside at the bar. It worked.

Today is cookie day. Snot went home with Grandma last night. Tonight will be Wonks and Snoots turn. Then Diva will go Saturday.

It is nice for them to get special time with the grandparents. Thanks Mom!

Well Enjoy. Tomorrow is the official first day of Spring!

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De'Etta said...

Looks fun.

Amy - where was that Passover Seder you told me about? LOL

I checked Johnson Street CoC - but their's was tonight - I'm guessing most were.....