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Monday, March 3, 2008

Thoughts............I have many.........

Ok. My two cents. Ok........50 cents..........
Take pictures of strange things, gross things, things you can't imagine ever wanting to see again. What am I talking about. Umbilical cords. Yep. Last night my children were introduced to Medical TV. Tom likes to watch History, Discovery, Court, channels. And I agree there are some really interesting things. Now, last night this all started with Giant Squid. Wonks LOVES sea creatures, bugs, worms, frogs, etc...... Tom came across a show on Giant Squid and the Sperm Whales that eat them. No, thank goodness we didn't have to go into depth on the Sperm Whale. Then in flipping Diva saw a baby and wanted to stop. I don't remember alot about what was wrong with the baby, OH SDS or DSD, something like that. It turned out the kid had an extremely rare disease where her body's bone marrow was really messed up and had to be completely replaced. Well, in the process of figuring all this out they talked about the girl having hydrocephdadadadada, I never can remember the full name, BUT, for awhile when I was pregnant with the twins they thought Baby A, snoot, had this. Fluid on the brain requiring a stint yada yada yada scary scary scary. No such thing, baby fine, doc in Abilene said didn't see anything........ OK, back to the story. So Tom then starts to tell the kids about how sometimes things come up and we have to have them checked out but, we don't need to panic right away because a good number of the times it's not serious. AND she's back to the picture taking. When Wonks was born he had the cord around his neck, I don't remember this but Tom says it was. Dr. M fixed and delivered Wonks. His umbilical cord was HUGE/FAT/THICK. The medical staff was amazed. Then Nurse Charlie (One of my all time favorite's at Community(female Charlie)) noticed the cord had a Knot in it! The kid was a monkey from the git go! He had tied his cord in a knot. If it wasn't for the fact the cord was so thick there's a good chance Wonks would have suffered because of it. Well, he was 9lbs 8oz! So, in telling this story I was sure wishing we had a picture of it. I have a vivid mental picture!
Also, write these stories down. I know sometimes they are gross or you don't think you have writing talent. Your kids don't care. To have something in your handwriting using your words will be priceless to them.
Take pictures of x-rays. We did think to take pics of Snoot's broken arm. But, we don't have ones of Wonk's church steeple throat. He had croup really bad at age 2. He was in the hospital for two nights. His air passage was narrowed down that he x-ray looked like a church steeple. The respiratory tech said it was textbook.
Now you might not have the plethora of hospital/medical stories that we do but, you have your own. Journal them, photograph them. They are stories that make the kids go "EEEEWWWWWW" later!
Well, gotta run. xoxoxo Amy

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