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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Window, Wacky, TAKS, Birthday

We have had a pretty nice Wednesday so far. This is Dr. Seuss week at Snoot and Snots school. Today is Wacky Wednesday that I think is entirely appropriate for my Birthday.
Snot wore different shoes, SpongeBob backward and had wacky hair but smoothed it before getting to school! Snoot wore his shirt backwards and that was about as far as I could get him to go.
The window guy was here at 11a and we discussed some more. He left and Tom and I started pulling down panelling. James will be back tomorrow to take accurate measurements. Then it will probably be 4 weeks before he gets all the material and can start on us. Longer if we get lots of rain.

Diva slept well last night and seemed kind of siked about TAKS testing today. I know she will do well. I'm not worried about her not knowing the answers. I worry more about her hurrying, not concentrating and missing things that way.

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