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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Bound to Happen some day

A few things have happened lately that were just destined to happen someday with our Herd.
1. Had to see the Preschool Director...........Joseph had a bit of a problem keeping his pants up in class on Tuesday. And not just his pants. His underwear too. Not sure why. Just didn't feel like keeping them up all day. Two girls declared "I see Joseph's weenie!" Whelp. Bound to happen some year. This year I have had a report on each one of the boys regarding their appendages. William was peeing on the playground. We almost made it all the way through the first 6 weeks of school. Mid Fall got the report that while sitting at the table in class James felt the urge to bring his out for a moment or two. Now Joseph. We will knock on wood and assume that Audrey knows better.
2. With 3 boys and 3 toilets today was the day all 3 headed for a different toilet at the same time. The poop feeling over took them all.
3. I guess if we were doing the top 3 Bound to Happen Some Day list this would be the Number One. Anyway, Tom report that while viewing a solar pool heating system at a booth in the Home Show/Expo, the guy working the booth came up to him and said I remember you. I was working at Chili's the night one of your sons barfed all over the table. Yep we leave our mark just about everywhere. We have barfed in some of the best restaurants in the state!
Christmas Day 2003, eating supper in the fancy restaurant of the Menger Hotel with Tom's mother, brother, and sister-in-law, Baby James(10months old) spews milk barf allllllll over the chair, floor, his Mommy's new sweater, the stroller, etc........ Luckily we were staying at the Menger and had the double stroller. I put him in the cleaner part of the stroller and went upstairs to change.
Well that is the biggest excitement so far.
We pray you are all well and happy. Spring is here. Enjoy!

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