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Saturday, April 5, 2008

T-Ball Opening Day!

Clothes for Manager Tom and 3 of his players, all layed out and ready.
We are a family of Astros! Manager Tom, Team Mom Amy, William, James, Joseph and self appointed cheerleader Audrey!
Today was the Day! We were at the fields at 9:20am. We were told to be there at 9:30a. Opening Ceremony started at 10:00a. they around.....yeah!
Our Game started at 11:00a. Tom was pacing. Now that he has one under his belt I think he'll feel better. All our kids and parents are great. My boys had a few rough times. Tom handed out a schedule of what positions each kid will play and when. JJ & I were trying to decypher Tom's abbreviations. LCOF-left center out field, etc..... Where is James? He is at foul line flower picker. Where is Joseph? He is at mid field booger picker.
Audrey left with a friend. Tom and I took the boys to McD's then to the Home Show. Joy.
Saw my window dude and they should be here in the next couple of weeks. I think there is one maybe two jobs ahead of me.
xoxo Amy

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