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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Joseph the Catcher (note by Dad)

Just a little note about Joseph's play at Catcher! I wasn't aware of the roster until just before the game. Did not have time to look at it earlier. We were the Home team which meant the visitors would be batting first, so I started putting Joseph in the Catcher gear, Shin Guards, Chest Plate, and Face Mask. He started getting very excited. He and I headed to the catchers position while the other coaches were lining our players up in the field. I was watching the catcher position for the game, while Coaches Brian, Craig, and Alberto were watching the field positions. Quickly the Reds batter and batting coach were ready, approaching the tee to bat. Joseph was hilarious. He was tremendously alert and pumped to get the ball. The Reds coach places the ball on the tee and lines up the batter. First swing..... catches the tee with the bat and knocks the ball off landing maybe a foot from the tee. The Reds coach steps forward to pick up the ball when he hears "I GOT IT!!!" as Joseph runs forward reaching down to grab the ball and carefully places it back on the top of the tee. He looks at the batter to indicate "Ready" and turns and runs back to the backstop to stay out of the way. Another swing and miss, dropping the ball again..... "I GOT IT!!!" and the retrieving routine begins again. The Reds coach was very impressed and stated firmly; "Boy, he's enthusiastic".... The batter did have success and this continued for the next 9 or 10 batters as is customary in tee-ball. One time the Reds Coach made a slight "Faux Pas" (not really, only to Joseph) and actually picked the ball up and placed it on the tee before Joseph could break for it. Joseph exclaimed as he stood in his ready position "I COULDA GOT THAT!!!". Once the Reds had completed their first "at bat", it was time for us to return to our dugout and get ready to bat.... Joseph said "No, I don't want to bat.... I'm playing catcher...." After a short discussion, he understood he would be back out after batting and headed to the dugout. He continued the entire game with much enthusiasm, however, during the second Reds "at bat", his tank was running low and not quite as quick on the retrieve. It was quite enjoyable.

James was not happy in the outfield (ask Coach Bryan, thanks Coach Brian), however, he gets to be Catcher at the Last Game..... MOM!

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DOUBLE R said...

My comment has nothing to do with this Blog entry but I would like to add the following - Amy makes the best prune colaches I ever had! Sometimes, I wonder if Tom knows how really good he has it!