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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Bitter Sweet

Well needless to say I am ecstatic about hitting the 25 lb goal! I received a little silver ring with the number 25 stamped in it. This goes on my key chain I was so proud of when I hit my 10% weight loss goal. I also received another 5lb star sticker for my bookmark and a star magnet for the refrigerator. Following meeting I picked up Diva from a late ballet rehearsal and we flew to the t-ball field. I get there to learn that Joseph played catcher tonight........And was he pouty, moody, and refused to do it? NO! He was terrific. He was very enthusiastic and loved every minute of it. AND.....I missed the whole thing! I've tried to sweeten up to the Manager and Coach to see if I can get him in the position again for photo opportunities but, I don't think I'm getting anywhere. Tom, the manager, even made up this schedule of where each player will play when. He figured that this way if a parent knew a child was going to miss a game then we'd make sure he/she didn't miss playing a fun position. Did the Team Mom look at this list in detail and find where her kids where playing when? NO.....Did the husband who calls with every question known to the male race that a member of the female race couldn't possibly know during a meeting (Are we home or visitor? Do you know where your dog is? What's Joe Blows phone number?) and who calls with useless information that I can't possibly fix during a meeting or outing (Your boys are covered in mud. I'm going to kill your dog. Can the kids watch a movie at 9pm on a school night?).....bother to call me and say "Hey your kid is playing catcher and he's so cute....." NO. My little star magnet didn't seem so special after that. But, hey it will happen right? A mother of any number of kids be it 1,2,4,7, or 9 will on occasion miss a special moment. And I picked on the husband a little too much. Poor thing knew I probably wouldn't make it in time. And I couldn't pick Diva up til 6:15 anyway. I didn't get her til about 6:30 because I wanted to stay at the meeting to get my star. So he didn't want to depress me before I needed to be.
Well I will be working with Gregg in the morning taking Spring pictures at a Daycare. Then at 11:30 I get my haircut!
I think I'll go to bed now.
xoxo Amy

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