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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Stopping by to say Hi!

I know I haven't posted in a few days. Not much going on. The paneling is all down and we have kind of hit a stop. Demolition is always fun. I have been trying to pull nails out of boards and clean out the closet. But, I haven't been home much. I worked at the library, have run errands, worked with Gregg. I am learning more about taking pictures and then processing them through the computer from download to ordering.
Tuesday evening we took pictures of the t-ball team. We will have them in by Monday.

This morning is errands and James has an OT evaluation at Rehab. I think he is doing real well and hope that we can reduce our time at Rehab by this summer, for Speech and OT.
We'll see what Amanda says this morning.

Well, the boys are running in one door and out the other, ringing door bells and playing with my keys. I think this a sign it's time to go to school.
Yesterday I had a flash back. I picked up registration forms for J&J to go to Big School Elementary. 4 years ago when I picked up Audrey's I thought I'd be fine. She had been going to some kind of 'school' since age 6 weeks old! No big. Well, I nearly hyperventilated walking back to the truck. Yesterday when walking to the truck with my forms I had to keep myself from skipping!

Oh, what will I do next year when all 4 are at school from 7:30a til 3:00p?

If Tom gets his way I'll go 'back' to work. Where? Doing what? who knows. I told him I'm on my way to becoming a highly paid professional photographer. He laughed! Which is kind of a joke. There are too many photographer wanna bes out there with digital cameras taking pictures that the market is a bit saturated when you look at it and the expense to have a photography business.
Anyway, I'll hold him off as long as I can.
Better run.

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