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Friday, April 25, 2008


Howdy. Ok this is how you get a project done. You lour a good friend out of her home. "Hey, you want me to pick you up, take you to lunch, then by the house to see the new windows?" "Yeah, that sounds great." Then you sneak in your card and pay for her lunch. HA...... Bring her by the house. "Oh, nuts.....The blue tarps are up and totally ruin the effect of the windows." (Tom and I nailed tarps up Wednesday evening because there was prediction of Thunderstorms and we didn't want the raw wood to get wet before it was primed.) "Well, lets pull alittle up. Maybe I can get it painted after I pick up Joseph. hummph...." (James had his reevaluation on OT and then didn't want to have anything to do with school. So he got special Mommy and Mrs. JJ time.) "Well it's not that much. I bet we can do it." look surprised.... "Oh! You want to help!? I bet we could! Let's do it." SCORE! You got her!
It was fun. It is always fun having time with my BFF. We are now dying for the drywall to go up so we can do some real painting. Tom has jumped off the deep end of home remodel. I am trying to reign him in abit. Focus on the Drywalll......Focus on the drywall.....NO don't reconsider expanding the opening.......cut the wall.....Cut The Wall.......OPEN UP THE WALL, Higher the guy, Get out of our way!
Well, now it is time to focus on Ballet. Tonight is rehearsal for who knows how long. Tomorrow night is the performance at 7pm, City Auditorium. William is phsyched. Audrey is worried about him. I'm worried because I have learned we have th dressing room STAGE LEVEL!

That means I have to help keep 4 little girls and William, quiet. Not to mention 2 costume changes on the girls. I sure hope Megs mom is thre. I know there will be others around but, oi...

Oops.....Wrong wood James.

My BFF is the BEST!

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Mythreesons said...

Personally I had a blast! I remember coming over one time this winter and us sitting and talking and doing nothing. It was SOOOOO weird. If we are not painting/mudding/spackling/baking it's just not as fun! We get to talk and play!!!!! Can't wait to see what Tom lets us do in the living room!!!!! Hee Hee!