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Thursday, April 10, 2008

We had a Storm!

Last night about 12:15 the rain, hail, wind, thunder hit. I never got out of bed. Yes this is the same girl that her first year living in San Angelo in a second floor apartment called her guy friend across town to come get her during a storm. "You're a farm girl. You can handle it." "We had a basement on the farm. And my MOMMY." So he stayed on the phone with me for awhile and calmed me down. Thanks Greg. Last night as nickle size hail hit the window off and on I rolled over in bed and sent Tom to check. We didn't have alot of hail and most was small. I didn't even freak when the weather man said that a resident near the college had seen a small funnel shape drop out of a cloud. I didn't hear a train so I didn't worry. The funny part of last night is that for the first night in a little over a week we didn't have a single little boy in our bed this morning! Diva didn't even come in til about 5:15a.
Diva and Wonks had fun this morning on the drive to school looking for downed branches.
This was the most exciting one for them

This is the neighbors tree. Oops. I was worried when I looked out this morning in the semi dark and couldn't see Tom's car.

Oh, there it is. Near miss. What luck!

We only had one casualty in the backyard. And I have a feeling she didn't fall victim to the storm. More like the vagrants searching the rubble for something to gnaw on. Bad Biscuit.......

Hope you all survived. I think the storm swept through most of Texas.

xoxo Amy

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