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Wednesday, May 21, 2008


The last several days have been Girl Scouts, Girl Scouts, Girl Scouts. Planning and preparing for the end of year party. Last nights event was a success! The slide show looked great. The flag ceremony I found and used was really cool.
Ok. Whatelse has been happening. Friday we had William's birthday party, see slide show below. He had a wonderful time. Tom learned alot too. He was surprised to see all the cool stuff at the Nature Center. I left the house around 11:15ish and headed to Relay for Life. It is a wonderful event. I enjoyed seeing friends from church. I walked nonstop from 12:30 til 1:30. I got on the track and started going, and going, and going. Faster and faster, I couldn't slow down. I'm pretty sure I walked a little over 2 miles. I know I hit 8 laps, which if Jr. High track memories are correct 4 laps are 1 mile. I think I did about 9-10 laps. Then I couldn't stop. I walked straight to the camp site and sat down. I was home by about 2:15, took a shower and went to bed around 3:00. Gregg was here at 6:30a to take Audrey and I to Sonora. It turned out well. It was fun photographing the girls in their dance costumes. We had some down time and then times with lots of people waiting. We were home around 5pm. Sunday I woke up around 2am and couldn't stay out of the bathroom. We missed church because when I wasn't in the bathroom I was sleeping. Sunday evening, drum roll.........Tom and I put up our first bit of sheetrock! We have most all of it up on the windows. We'll probably finish it tonight. Then hopefully the window guys can come back next week and frame in the windows.
Monday was work on GS 'stuff' and t-ball. Tuesday was get ready for Girl Scout party. Today was water day at J&J's school. Tomorrow is field trip to the State Part for William. Friday is Walk-a-Thon at A&W's school. Saturday afternoon I will be helping Gregg again take pictures at a debutant ball. J&J only have two more days of preschool. We will miss St. Luke's terribly. I tease tat I will still have JJ there so I will have to go by. TOO FUNNY - Today at water day I was helping with the twins classes. Then I went over to help with the babies. I was talking to one of the moms in JJ's room and she says "now who's Mom are you?" "James and Joseph." I am pointing across to where their classes are when I realize she thinks I am the mother of one of the babies. "OH, no I don't have a child in this class. Just JJ. She's mine." JJ and I have been BFF for 34 years. I have another BFF, Kerri, she has 4 boys and lives in a community just on the edge of our town. Unfortunately we don't get many opportunities to see each other but, keep intouch. They are my people.
Tom is due home soon. I wanted to share a few pics and let you all know I am still here. It wasn't late when I got home last night but, I zoned out. We put the kids to bed, I poured a glass (or two) of wine for myself. We camped on the sofa and watched two and a half men reruns.

My Troop! for two more weeks. Two of my girls were running late and two others weren't able to come. I left out the best part of last night. I introduced the troop to Mary. New Troop Leader Mary! She is the grandmother of a new girl in our troop. She has lots of GS experience under her belt and s a wonderful lady. My new, self appointed title, is "Super Awesome Support Mom." I truly love interacting with the girls and don't want to miss out. But the responsibility and paperwork is a bit intense for me. Especially if I am going to go around volunteering to help with the first Christmas Program in long time, at our church. I am also hoping to revive the Stations of the Cross drama that has been missing from our Lenten season the last few years. This is all part of a self reflection thing I've been doing in my spare time. James gets a squirt gun

Joseph found an alternative to the squirt gun. He just went to the water wiggles and started aiming them at the kids shooting the squirt guns.


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