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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Happy Memorial Weekend

Do you have big plans? We don't. Audrey spent the night with a friend last night and they are here today playing. I am meeting Gregg at 6:30p to take pictures at a debutant ball.
I have a bit of a break right now to update because Tom has left to get a few more bags of pea gravel. The boys finally wore us down. "Let's go to the A store and get a pool." "Are we going to the A store to get a pool?" "When are we going to the A store to get a pool." We did look and price and then decided to come home and pull out that monster 18 ft one we bought last year. I don't want it back on the slab by the windows so we decided to put it off to the side by the fort and where the new bathroom will eventually be. The grass there has already been struggling.
We also want to keep the slab open on the off chance we actually get to putting in a patio this summer. "When did we come into a huge hunk of $$?" Ummmmm.........welllll.........We have St. Anthony working on that right now. Finding us a huge hunk of $$.
Yesterday was the Walk-a-thon at Santa Rita. The twins and I helped in a Water Station.

Water was free and power aides/sports drinks were $1.00. James is trying to sell this kid water for 20.00. We told him that if he gets 20.00 for a bottle of water we would give him a quarter. There were times when we'd be run over by kids. J&J were really a good help.

Ok, another good James funny. Now if you know my Daddy, James, you really see the resemblance in this statement. We leave the house this morning and at the corner of our street a house is having a HUGE yard sale. There were people, boxes, tables, furniture stuff absolutely everywhere it was like a multi family estate sale. James blurts out "Look, it's a dump."

Well, the family picture is in. Go to to see the huge family picture and some other nice shots. Also, we are on the look out for an office or store type space. We would like to be able to set up as a studio but more importantly have a place to meet with customers, review pictures, showroom, etc..... Let us know if you have any ideas.

J&J are done with preschool. Audrey and William have 4 more days. Tuesday is Kindergarten round-up. Incoming kindergarten students go to the school to scope it out. We also have our last t-ball game that evening. Wednesday is William's graduation. Thursday is t-ball party. Friday is last day of school and early out. Saturday is a day of fun at the lake in Coleman for my girl scout troop. Sunday is June 1st. The day I get to take my ink soaked May calendar and trash it.

xoxoxo Amy

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