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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Now this is Funny!

Ladies and Gentlemen. We have here lab rats from the J&J Rograine Hair Growth Lab.
This is Lab Rat 1. Scientist James. As you can see this rat received the hair treatment and has already required a mowing. I mean hair cut.
Rat 2. Scientist Joseph. As you can see this poor rat did not receive the hair treatment. The experiment is under investigation to discover just what kind of treatment the rat did receive.
note: rat is missing an ear.
The scientist seem harmless enough but, we have heard from others who have worked with them that their motives are good but, their methods, not so much. There is a valley of ants who have curled up their toes. It is also reported that a goldfish won at a local fair was thrown out on the floor just to watch it flop. The director of chicken farms, aka Grandma, keeps her baby chicks under lock and key. They are only allowed out under strict supervision. At an early age the young scientist where known to test the baby chicks flying skills. They would sit the chick on top of the water jar and give it a slight nudge.
The lab director J&J Labs is afraid to purchase them a frog for the pond they received as a birthday gift.
This is why we have lab dogs. Little yappy dogs wouldn't have a chance. Sometimes I wonder about the 90lb dogs.

Ok, aren't these cute! Now the styrofoam cups with happy faces and grass growing out the top are cute too but, Mrs. Sawyer out did herself with this. They are potatoes!

xoxoxo Amy


Mythreesons said...

I agree I love the rats!!! I took one a part in Lindsey's room to she how she did it! She has such great ideas!!!!

De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

The rats are too funny.