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Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mom Day

Did you have a good Mother's Day?
I did. Saturday morning was lazy. I got up a bit early and then Tom told me to go back to bed. I took an hour nap at 10:30 in the morning. J&J had a great time at their friends birthday party. I enjoyed visiting with fellow parents I don't get to see much.
Saturday evening was lazy. I know Tom and I watched another movie but, I can't remember what it was.
Sunday morning I was woke up at 6am with little voices scurrying around the room. I knew they were putting something on the bed but, didn't know what. Tom ran them out to watch cartoons. Later, about 8:30a they were back. They had a plate with a small box of cereal and a bottle of water. That's all their Daddy would let them cook on their own. Thank you Daddy. Then Audrey told me my present was out side. "Did Tom get the deck built over night?" Ok, no, that's aiming a bit high. I figured it was a hanging plant....a bougainvillea, geranium, petunias, ......... Audrey opens up the shades and there under a pecan tree is St. Francis!
I look at Tom " Are you serious?" Now, if you know my husband you know that my little convert doesn't much approve of Saint Shrines or Grottos. And I don't blame him. Some people can get a bit out of control. But, my family has always been very tasteful. My Granny had a Blessed Mother in her backyard sitting under some trees, surrounded by flowers. My mother has the statue now and has done much the same thing. It is a nice place to reflect and also remember our Granny. While I was at the birthday party Tom had to make a run to the hardware store. A&W went with him. Audrey knows of my love for St. Anthony. She saw the statue and told Tom she wanted to get it for me. He tried showing her crosses etc..... Nope, Mom needs St. Anthony. Now, Tom could have easily said "Nope, not going to happen. Let's get her a cross or a plant." He didn't. I Love him.
Anthony/Francis/Forrest is in the back garden now and hopefully the Zinnias will take off soon and surround him with flowers. Yep Aunt Lorene I actually have Zinnias coming up - Finally!
Why do I call the statue Anthony/Francis/Forrest? Well, Audrey swears it is St. Anthony because he looks like the tall bronze of St. Anthony on the River Walk in San Antonio. I love St. Francis. And Forrest McAllister was a very dear friend of mine. He was a Franciscan priest and I miss him terribly. They are my Buds and this statue is a symbol of my faith and love of the Franciscans.
I made pancakes and bacon for breakfast. We attended 11am Mass. Came home and spent the day working on electrical outlets, I started cleaning out the laundry room closet. We made fajitas on the grill for Supper. I haven't seen the third Pirates of the Caribbean movie so I tried to start watching it. Fell asleep.

You can't go wrong when you have Super Hero help! Batman Joseph helps Daddy screw on the facia board before they start adding the new electrical boxes.

xoxoxox Amy

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