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Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day

We had a really good Father's Day.
The kids made books and a poster for Tom. They helped me make pancakes. YEsterday was William's official birthday. We put candles in his pannycakes for him. Then there were cupcakes and candles at the Farm.
William received some new books from Grandma. He read one to Grandpa.

Later at home Tom shared the Sunday comics with the twins.

Tom and I have decided that we like the Saturday before Mother's DAy and Father's Day. Why? The kids are so super good. They are quite, sharing secrets and plans. They are busy 3/4 of the day in Audrey's room making books and posters and planning out how good they are going to be the next day. While they were busy making Father's Day plans this is what Tom and I did.......

Here he comes through the wall, see the little cut line.......

This is me standing in the office looking into the living room. The wall is coming down.........

Now I'm in the living room looking in to the office. YEAH! Bigger opening!!!

I'm a so happy!

Well, it is getting late, again. I want to do some straightening up. I went through garage sale stuff and got it organized a bit and piled up a bit nicer.



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De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

Looks like a fun Father's Day.