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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Happy Saturday!

BibleFest is now at an end. What a fun week! Last night we ended with Fr. Anthony and the book of Job and Mass. I loved it. Well, I was disappointed that the kids didn't come back to the Hall to sing their songs. But, I have made my disappointment known so perhaps the kid's singing will return next year.

Yesterday morning, as is typical, all the kids were sleeping in, and we had somewhere to be at 9am. Audrey had a friend over and they were crashed on the floor. Yesterday I was to meet my friend Helen and take pictures of her. She has three children and has recently remarried a wonderful guy. Their 2nd Anniversary is Monday and she wanted him to have a picture of her for his new office. Great Idea. Brag time........I did an awesome job! Thanks to some tips I have learned from Gregg I was able to get some really good pictures. I still highly recommend getting a professional. They have the wealth of knowledge, experience, and ability to really make a picture pop. There are several things I can note in the pictures that would be better fixed. But for an amature with one camera, a broken flash, and a tripod in the park with 5 kids. Not so bad.

OK. We were at the Lily Park area taking these photos. On our return trip to the car William and Joseph take off through the walk area around the ponds. No big. Oh, there's Ken the Lily Man. William and Joseph are talking to him. "Come on boys." William comes. Joseph not so much. He is trying to go higher up on the fence surrounding one of the ponds. I see him point. "Oh no. He is asking for a flower." OH MY! Ken is giving him a flower! Yep. I have a Lily from the International Lily Park in our town. I'm positive it is not one of the exotics. But, it is a lily none the less. I have feeling that the blooms don't last long and that was one of the things Ken was doing, pruning out old blooms. But, Joseph was thrilled.

Do you ever go in and check the comments people have left on previous post? You can. Just click on the comment word at the bottom of the post. I mention this because....yep, I was right. I got off on a different topic than what he thought. But, it was good.

Well, I'm off to finish Helen's disk of pictures and get in attach mode for the day. Work on house today. Celebrate Daddies and William's b-day tomorrow.

Love to all!

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Mythreesons said...

Hey girl! I miss you too! Camp St. Luke is about to eat my lunch! It's more work than I thought really. I don't know why I thought I would have an easy ride! After our camp maybe things will calm down! I need your help in making surf boards for VBS this year! Surly with our warped minds we could figure out how to do them!