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Friday, June 20, 2008


Oh my. So the blog post have been a bit boring? Well, let there be life.
Yesterday morning I decided it was time to get the rest of the oak leaves out of the front bed. Around 10am Audrey went to her friend's house and stayed all day. The boys and I came home and worked in the yard. Well, when we took Audrey to her friend's we had to dump some trash in the alley. We had my brother in law's pick up and had loaded alot of stuff on it. While in the alley Buddy tries to come over the fence because we're back there. He wouldn't listen and kept trying. So I decided to tether him. Couldn't find the tether. Oh, there it is by the fort. Well he got himself in a real mess Tuesday when tethered to the fort. Here, I'll use this tree, it won't be long. Once tethered I go back to the alley to unload. We drop off Audrey. Then decide to fill the pick up with gas before we return it. (My big red truck was having the a/c looked at.) Now you'd think that a person who drives an Expedition can handle an extended cab short bed F150. Not when that person is me! I cut too short when I pulled away from the pump and felt a little 'jiggle' on the bed like I had brushed up against something. "Oh snot! maybe it's nothing." Not. The rear driver's side wheel well had a nice little red flare to it. Now in some house holds it is known as that weird white sponge. Some homes call it by it's name, Magic Eraser. In my home I now call it my Lifesaver! I hustled into the house, retrieved the sponge, wet it down and returned to the truck. Praying the whole time. Please work....please work....please work...... Tada! red paint gone! Ok. now back to the leaves. OH, yeah, I need to call the plumber. The laundry room toilet is totally backed up. New Rule: When toilet is backed up and unusable and children keep 'forgetting' take a washable marker and write in big letters "NO" across the lid. So the plumbers are able to come they show up at 2pm. After digging up a hole in the yard, rooting 2 toilets, completely removing one toilet, finding 2 balls, odd amount of change, a pen, a bottle cap, and a tire gauge, they leave 31/2 hours and $300.00 later. The line from the house to the curb has to be replaced. I've blessed it and prayed over it for just over a year. It's time is up. But, we can have them work in the line to the back for the new bathroom at the same time. So that is good. OK, while the plumbers are here and going in and out and around I am still raking and picking up leaves. The boys are watching tv and playing well in their room. Then they decide to go swimming. I stop to get leaves out of the pool and attempt to catch a wasp that is causing major drama. Go to the back yard only to remember Buddy was tethered to the tree by the neighbor's fence. Oh my. He went over the fence again. AND then came back. over the fence? Nope, under. There is now another big hole and the bottom section of 3 more pickets torn up. He has done this once before. Don had some old firewood he placed in the hole and blocked it with a heavy cart. But, this is now too much. So part of home improvements for the weekend include replacing fence pickets.
The truck has been checked out and they couldn't find any problems. They can add an enhancement to the a/c to help it cool better. That will b 424.00. No thanks. We'll survive.
I make it back to WW last night. Haven't weighed in for 3 weeks. Oh yeah, 4lb weight gain. Terrific! So today boys are cleaning up room, Audrey and her friend are back, boys are fighting, I am starving. The baseball bag was left in the driveway last night so I now have baseball gear laying all over the white truck drying out. The house still smells like a sewer. I have to mop the laundry room floor.
Well, with that said I will close. But, here's a funny.
Last night Tom and I were watching a really stupid movie, Little Man. In a part of the movie the man flags down a soccer mom type driving a minivan. He is chasing his car that he thinks has been stolen with his son in it. He's worried about what his wife will say. The soccer mom tells him "Don't worry about it. I once lost Johnny at an amusement park. I told my husband he was at camp. It bought me a week." She changes a dirty diaper in the seat behind her while driving the van with her foot. The whole time just as calm as can be. Well except when she is yelling at the kids. It cracked me up.
Well, the stink isn't going away, the boys are still arguing about who picks up what, time to get busy.
I have a friend who post Thankful Thursday every week. So I guess I'll try to think of things to be thankful for yesterday: I got the leaves picked up and the carport swept out. Tom went through another box of old papers, the red truck doesn't have a problem and they didn't charge me, I got a good kick in the pants at WW so next week I can be thankful for a weightloss, I finally got the Christmas trees into the attic. I also found the vent cover for the entry way. It has been cleaned up and repainted and replaced. So the big hole in the wall looks normal again. It's only been a year and a half.
Ok. Off to accomplish great things!
Love ya!
xoxoxox Amy

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