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Thursday, June 26, 2008

A whole Week!

Has it really been a whole week since I blogged? I have checked in on friends and even looked at my blog but not taken time to post. Truly nothing fantastic or entertaining has been happening. Tom and I kind of worked on the house this weekend. He did a little work on the short wall. We became ingrossed in a couple of movies on Sunday and didn't get much done.
Tom has started going through boxes of old paperwork. Some is ours but most is from his parents. I finally got my room straightened up and cleaned. Took some more stuff to the store room. We have gone through our DVDs and CDs. That is 1/2 a day's work in itself.
Sunday I began cleaning out the laundry room. I started having the realization that with the remodel of the living room and study the laundry room will be more visible and possible used. We are fortunate that our laundry room also has a toilet in it. It could be a very nice guest bath. That is if the floors are scrubbed all that c*~*p in the corner is gone. Perhaps moving this rusty old file cabinet out is best too.
So I hustled up. Then the scathingly brilliant idea came to me. This room needs Paint! Now Saturday night I started talking to Tom about paint colors, "You know we could paint samples on the walls before we textu......." He cuts me off "Stop thinking about painting. Get painting out of your mind. We are soooo far from painting." Then he follows with "You know if you're just aching to paint there are plenty of sheet rock scraps in the garage to play with." Well, you could have told my kids that we're leaving for Sea World tomorrow and they wouldn't have been as excited as I was! Ok so that conversation was over the weekend. Then I was cleaning out the laundry room and decided it needed a coat of paint. How about I get a tan color I think will work on the living room and study walls. I use it in the Laundry room as a sample. I call JJ and schedule her for Wednesday, go to the paint store and find a tan color. I am still sticking with my Sierra Redwood somewhere on the walls so I got a tan that complemented it.
JJ and her boys come over around 9am yesterday. She is then informed that no Tom doesn't know I am planning to paint the laundry room. "What? You are going to get me fired from my friend position." Two years ago she helped me with the dining room. We then decided to take the yellow base coat into the hallway. I leave to pick up Audrey from where ever she was, Tom comes home for lunch and catches JJ on the ladder painting in the hall. "We're painting the hall?" "It's not white." "You didn't know? I'm just the help." Now Tom thinks all hallways should be white. I'm here to let you know that yellow makes a nice hallway color too! Then JJ conspires with me to paint the front door. I pick red! Have I mentioned that I love my husband and he is a very good sport.
So we putty a few holes remove the tacky shelves above the freezer and get after it. Voila! new laundry room. And Tom thinks it is the same color as the walls in our bedroom, which he loves, so all the better!

I also came up with the brilliant idea to give the room a theme. I found a shower curtain on sale at Cabela's online. It has 3 lab dogs on it. I don't like the stuff between the freezer and washing machine but, it is better than it was. Perhaps I will find another place for it later.

The plumbers are here today replacing the sewer line to the street. And as is the case, we hit a snaffu. Or more like a water line. The water line runs right next to and ontop of the sewer line. So now both are being replaced. The water is cut off so who knows what we'll do the rest of the day. Joy. I have laundry to fold then boys to feed. So I'm off. Hopefully will check in again soon.

xoxo Amy

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De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

I like your laundry room.....painting makes me tired. LOL