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Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Well as I sat down to start updating I was thinking that not much went on Friday and I couldn't remember anything real exciting. WELL! Silly me......
Thursday the plumbers were here. It was discovered very early that the water line was on top of the sewer line so both were replaced and we went all day with no water. J&J were top inspectors on the job. Joseph went out and asked one of the guys "Whatchya' doin'?" "We're replacing your water lines." "Are you old enough to be doing that?"
Then later when he'd come out to see how things were going he'd yell "Hey! Young Man.....Whatchya' doin'?"
The lines were replaced, water turned on and caution tape up by around 6:30pm. Friday we had to wait for the plumbing inspector to show up and ok it before they covered it up. Finally about 2pm we were okayed. Oh, if you need to know what the caution tape said J&J translated for you "Little Boys stay away......Don't come over here.......DANGER......" We also translated the wording on the white pipes that were put in the ground. "No toys allowed!" I had the boys look into the pipe and note how big and smooth and clean. Then inside they were told not to flush. The problem being....... they haven't flushed since. Not that they were good flushers to begin with but now they think they have an excuse.

JJ and her crew returned Friday morning. We played with possible wall ideas for the living room. Tom had given me some leftover sheet rock to work with. We weren't thoroughly impressed with any of our ideas. We did settle on the technique/way we will put the 'mud' on the wall so that is a check mark.

Happy Flushing!
xoxo Amy

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De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

Nothing quite as exciting as big machinery in the front yard. ::snort::