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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Off to Camps

I have been kid free for two days. Not sure what to do with myself.
Sunday morning Audrey and I took off with one of her friends and the friend's mom. We headed to GS camp. I didn't think this would be a big deal for me. But as it turns out Sunday evening and Monday were like the first day of daycare 9 years ago when I left my little 6 week old baby girl with strangers.

After waiting for an hour and a half for the nurses check, which was basically combing through their hair with a chop stick, the girls were ready to get down to camping.

I pick them up tomorrow morning at 10am. Camp is roughly a little over 2 hours away. I think I'll leave at 6am! I miss her!

And my boys took off for Camp Grandma at 11:15am yesterday. So my ticker at the top of the blog has a new meaning (today anyway) it's not "Thank Goodness there is less than two months til school starts." It is now "Oh, I am running out of time to spend with the kids and now school/dance/sports/church obligations!" It took leaving Audrey at camp to do this.

Off to Camp Grandma!!!

I thought she was registered for a 5 night camp near Austin starting the 13th of July but, there has been some big confusion and phone messaging and unreturned calls and lots of frustration on my part to determine if she is going or not. It is pretty clear that Kate, the girl she is with this week, didn't make it into the camp. They left me a message on my cell yesterday (2 weeks prior to the event, that she registered for in April) that Audrey is too old for this particular camp. There are openings in two others at the same camp location just different cabins etc.... Anyway, I have sat by the phone or carted me cell around with me all day waiting to hear. E-mailed twice and called an left messages twice. So we'll see............. But, truly if she doesn't get to go I don't think I'll be terribly disappointed.

Ok. some more tiding up to do, clothes to fold, etc.... Tom ran to get a hair cut then wants to go out for steaks! It's the last night before all the kids are home. But, we'll eat then get right back here and enjoy the house. Shucks we might even work on the walls!

xoxoxoxo Amy

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