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Thursday, July 3, 2008

All Home

All the children are home now. I made it to camp to retrieve Audrey and her friend. They had a great time and didn't miss me a bit. We came home, I called the GS office to try and figure out the Austin camp info. Audrey decided not to go if she couldn't go to the camp she wanted and if her friend can't get in the others they offered. It all turned out pretty well. Our weeks have been opened up some. Next week if all goes as planned, I will meet Tom's sister and give her A&W. We will also visit Tom's aunt and uncle in the town we do the swap. I will then go out to El Paso later in the week with J&J to stay a few days and retrieve the big kids.
The boys had a terrific time at the farm. So did Grandma and Grandpa. Grandpa was going to check the cows when I got there so we all rode along. I loved watching the baby calves come running up through the tall grass.
Well duties call. I found a cabinet at Target to put in the laundry room. I house my Mary Kay product in there and was getting tired of the tacky shelves. We took them down when we painted. I wish I had the desire and luck that my Blog friend Michelle has at Thrift stores/Flea markets and garage sales. She is always posting pics of great finds she gets. I would send her on missions for me if I didn't think it would cost a bloody fortune to mail me a bathroom cabinet! She'd probably find one for 5.00 but it would cost 50.00 to ship it!
I gave up on terrific finds in college. I had found the perfect sofa to recover and put in my new apartment. My Daddy helped me pick them up. I had chosen them off a trailer outside the shop. Daddy put the cushions inside the truck on the way home. I followed him. He got out of the truck at the house and nearly passed out from the horrific odors coming from the cushions. "No way are you keeping these." That weekend he took me shopping and got me a new sofa.
Have great 4th.

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