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Thursday, July 10, 2008


Howdy all.
What do you think of the new look? I don't mind too much that I lost some things. They are easily replaced. But I lost my counter and can't remember what number I was on! I think I was getting close to 3000 hits, so I started at 2500.
Tuesday I made it to Stockton and back. Audrey was a really big help on the trip there. I could hear her grunt and blow out her breath but she kept it all to herself. Which for Audrey is totally amazing! She would help the twins buckle and get stuff they couldn't reach. She'd pass snacks and encourage and praise William in his coloring. My BFFL(ooohhhhh this is new. I have learned that BFFL is Best Friend for Life) JJ, loaned me her dual screen DVD player. Total blessing, especially on the trip back. But the twins did remarkable well. And they didn't sleep! We had some rain off and on and returned home around 4pm.
The City had been here to dig the hole in the street to put in our new tap. Then were back around 4:30, when it started down pouring, to fill the hole. J&J loved it. Running in the rain, watching big trucks and backhoes. Totally great.

They even provided valet service for their Daddy when he got home.

Wednesday morning about 2am James came to our bed and was burning up with fever. Joseph too later felt hot. They spent the whole day on the sofa watching Noggin and asking "When do we go to El Paso?"
They have an appointment at the clinic this morning. I should be drying my hair and getting James up but, no I'm blogging. I probably need a prescription for this addiction.
I sure home this is just a little bug and it goes away by late today.
Mom is coming in in the morning to ride with me to El Paso tomorrow. I look forward to the time with her. We will be back on Monday. The rest of the sheetrock will be hung and the bookcase will be worked on and new flooring will be stacked in the carport. Right?
It's called William World. I like to visit it sometimes. It's that wonderful little place were all is well and terrific. William lives there alot.
I suppose I'll just settle for nothing broken and hopefully at least one more box of papers sorted.
Well better run the clock is moving faster than me.

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De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

I read your woes of starting something new and realizing you weren't quite sure what you were doing - that's how I ended up with pink flowers for MONTHS. Which are NOT me. I started playing with pyzam to "see if I could do it" and was focusing basically on the "the technical aspect" and suddenly realized at about 2 a.m. that I had PINK FLOWERS! LOL Months later when I was still not happy with the changes I made....I went to Michelle Baird at Shabby Creations (theres a link at the bottom of my sidebar) and bought one of her templates. She installed it for me too. LOL