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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Way Cool

This is neat that I can be in El Paso and still get on and post.
We made it in yesterday about 4pm CT. We gained an hour so it was only 3pmish here. Right around Fort Stockton it the a/c stopped cooling. So we drove the rest of the way with the windows cracked. Not awful but totally not fun either.
The Ford house close to the house here has the truck now. I took it in at 7am. Now we wait to see. And ofcourse they told us yesterday to wait til this morning. I cranked it and drove with the windows down to the dealership. Nearly froze the whole time. Yep, blowing like a freezer this morning. Typical. $10.00 says they call and tell me they can't find anything. Boo....Hiss.....
Well William has found his pokemon card and now wants to pull up a website so I'd better help with that.
We were in the pool til late last night and again this morning. Hopefully we have water logged them enough to calm them down for awhile.
Gotta go.

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