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Monday, July 7, 2008

Two more steps forward.....

Sometimes it feels like the living room remodel is taking forever. And well, it is. But! It has been a fairly fun, adventuresome, couple bonding experience that I am very grateful for.
But we are taking such small steps and sometimes too far apart.

Ah! But they are always steps forward.

OK Wait a minute! What happened to my chose the font....chose the size......choose the color?! Any guesses out there in blogger world? I can't quote if I don't have colors!!!!
Well, I guess I'll have to make due for now.

Sunday morning I was getting ready for church when at 10:15a Joseph lets out that sound that Bill Engvall says should be put into an alarm. You know that gag/barf sound that will bring you flying out of a dead sleep. Well I wasn't asleep but it brought me running. Sure enough he was barfing all over the living room. Needless to say we didn't make it to Mass. Freddy - Did you have a reflection? If so please send me a copy via e-mail.
Joseph urped one more times then all was well. It seems to have been a combo of up to late, up too early, eating junk, drinking lake water while swimming (ewwwww......), too much sun.
Tom set up a light switch for accent lighting in the living room and the outside lights. We then hung two more sheets of sheet rock. It truly takes mathematical mind to figure out where to put the holes for the electrical sockets and light switches. Then there is that whole 16th, 8th, 1/4th of an inch bologna. Ugh! I just pray that my drill bit goes in straight so the screw will go in straight and I won't slip off and put another puncture hole in the sheet rock. But, the cool ting about it when that does happen. I don't get yelled out, cursed at. He doesn't get all upset. He'll just comment "Oops. Another hole for you to dap!"
Ok. THEN! We did this.......



Where's My Cereal Cabinet!!!!!
William had a bit of a break down until he remembered his cereal hasn't been in the cabinet above the bar for over a month!

This is the sheetrock on the wall.

See closer and closer. Tonight we visited Lowes and Home Depot to look at recessed lighting for the living room.

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Mythreesons said...

I told you the lake water was gross!!!! The last kid who went swimming in the lake ended up in the hospital!!!! OH OK we don't know for sure it was the lake....make a big deal out of it to Tom though!!! I love the nothing above the bar. It really opens up the whole thing! Onward and upward!