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Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th of July!

I want to swim! They won't swim with me. Mommy come swim with me.......
This is how the day started at 9am. Joseph was dying to go swimming. The big kids weren't ready yet.
I then had the brilliant idea to keep from peace and avoid working in the attic. Let's go to the Beach!
The kids have been asking to go back to the lake ever since we returned from Horde's Creek Lake. Well we didn't make it to Coleman but we did go to our own Lake. We were lucky to find a great parking spot and the beach wasn't very crowded. The kids put on their jackets and had a terrific time. We then came home for hotdogs and naps with the promise to return later for fireworks.
We didn't make it back out til about 7:30. I wasn't sure we'd find anything. Voila. As luck would have it we found a parking spot right by the Nature Center. Tim, Beth, and Katelyn joined us. My kids ate Happy Meals and then were jumping up and down to get back in the water. The place was crawling with people by now but, hey you have to do something with them til it gets dark. So off to the beach we go. Ok.....incase you don't know, when looking into the sun the heads of your kids look like every head in the water. Then they would squat down in the water and I didn't know if they were up to their chins or not. As a general rule I am not a freaky Mom but, this was a bit much. So I called them in with the promise of slushies at the 'camp site'. We made our little area all nice and enjoyed snacks. As the sun started we started seeing fireworks across the damn and on the other side at Twin Buttes. The kids loved it. Then some yeahoo in our parking lot area set off a firework. That did it. James was freaked. There wasn't much bringing him back. If I got him settled a bit another popper would go off across the park area. No, fireworks are not allowed in the Park. So I took James to the truck to try and help him settle down. Flop back seat on the floor head tucked down. "I want to go HOME!"
When the big show started I'd see his head pop up every now and then. He finally became a little more comfortable and sat up in the seat and watched over the back. I heard the occasional "I don't like fireworks." Then followed by an "OOooooo....." "I like the green ones that twinkle around like little bugs." " I don't like them...." "OH! I like the red ones!"
The ride home was long because of all the traffic but, there were still fireworks going off here and there for them to enjoy. Everybody slept in a little this morning. It is getting late and I guess it is time to get busy on house improvements. The weather seems real nice and cooler so it is probably a good time to get in the attic.
The laundry room is still coming along. I'm very happy with it and glad I had the scathingly brilliant idea to paint it and fix it up.
Enjoy your weekend!
xoxox Amy and the Herd
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