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Thursday, August 7, 2008


They are at it again.
Chapter 2 of the Big Hole Drama.

This story was told to me by my BFF. She is a co-teacher with a lady who lives on my street. The joys of being known by so many.
Inservice meeting today at St. Luke's preschool. J&J's school last year where my BFF still works.
School director - Does anybody have suggestions for substitutes to help out through the year?
BFF - I can ask Amy.
Co-teacher - OH! Amy.....Do I have a twin story for you.

Last night we were walking home from the park and as we near the Herd home we hear. " may pass." As we look around to see where the sound came from three little boys pop up from through the caution tape around the hole in the yard. The were all shirtless and I think one was completely naked.

It just gets better and better.

Chapter 3 Questioning of the Pirates

Did you boys play in the hole outside last night?
What did you play?
We were hunting for treasure.
Yeah! and a twin hit our friends car.
WHAT!? The green one or the black one?
Because I already know that the across the street neighbor called about the naked boy.
William reports they didn't hit the car but, 'they' told us to stop.
So I now have an e-mail to send to my neighbor before I can write chapter 4.

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Ami said...

Hi Amy!
Glad I finally found you again! Thanks for the card... You are now on my favorites list, so I can keep up with all your family fun! glad to know my life is not the only one that is crazy!