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Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Post that wrote itself

Ok, first, I am happy to report I have found were I lost the text coloring, enlarging, editing buttons and have re instated it. Y E A H ! I am most happy.
Now for the Blog Post that wrote itself while I was at Twilight Camp.
Remember the big equipment, long ditch, new water lines, etc..... that took place in early July?
We have had a hole in the front of the yard next to the curb for WEEKS! The 'city' was to fill this hole. Tom said to not worry about it he'd take care of it. He picked us up yesterday to visit the eyeglass store. I mentioned the hole. He groaned and said he'd take care of it. But it has been too hot to go out and shovel dirt. I'm not allowed to deal with the meter boxes or the hole would have been filled weeks ago.
I leave for twilight camp at 6p and return at 9pm. I notice the caution tape is down and a few meter boxes laying in the yard. Come in and notice Tom in sweaty clothes, drinking OJ with a very sour look on his face. He mumbles something about broken pipe. James is in underwear and the are all in the kitchen eating junk. I don't ask questions, feed Audrey and her friend. Clean up boys and send all to bed. Tom goes outside turns the car to shine lights on the hole during this. He comes in, sits down to watch 2 1/2 men with me. I just wait knowing a story is coming.
.......Neighbor across the street calls and asked "Do you know there is a naked boy running around in your front yard?" No didn't know, was working on house plans on the computer. Thanks.
"James! Why are you naked?!"
"My pants got wet."
I send him in to put on clean pants. Come back into house and am in the bathroom. Then begin to hear screaming and carrying on. At the front door is boy from down the block and my boys yelling "Water's everywhere! It's shooting out!"
They had broken the sprinkler line. Thanks to the new shut offs that was easily turned off but, now I have a broken line!

This was the final clue that the hole needs to be filled. Apparently we only have short handled shovels so this adds to his drama. Neighbor boy whole time is questioning Tom and offering help. Don't know where my boys are but, have a good idea they have headed for the hills. I am doing a pretty good job of keeping a straight face but when he sits back and lets out a big breath like he has just been to hell and back I loose it and start laughing. Welcome!!~

He did get his new glasses yesterday, lucky dog has a prescription that can be done in a day. They are great! I was going to take pictures of him last night but he just didn't seem in the mood. He got a great deal on 2 pair. One pair has transition lenses. They both look great but one pair is my favorite. They really bring out his blue eyes and silvering hair. I'll try to get pics today.

Camp is going great. My program aide (Big girl) is the daughter of some friends I've know or many years. I remember when she was born and how happy we were for the couple. They had one daughter and then several years later were Blessed with Rachel. Sarah is great too. Rachel has been a great help and I'll miss her tonight, she is going out of town. She does babysit so YEAH! It is always good to keep up with a healthy babysitter list. Two of my girls can get pretty busy and another just moved.
I have also enjoyed reconnecting with girls I meet last year and only see occasionally threw the year. They are in other troops.
Well, I am falling behind and procrastinating going to the boys room. It's HORRIBLE!

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